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Thanks for your interest in my work!​​

Warmly welcoming you and glad that you decided to get your next tattoo with me of a special energy activation process through tattooing.


Bookings are now open for July - September 2024 in Hamburg.

Please send the following information to get your request considered:

  • Describe the idea about your tattoo project. Openly write all your thoughts and wishes about tattoo.

/Even your idea its a few words to say or you don't have specific one feel free to mention it and we will do online discussion  to appear your idea/

  • Mention body placement with adding a photo of it and approximate size

/be flexible and open for dynamic and delicate way of shape for your tattoo. Also  I don't work with extension of projects done by other artists/

  • Add preferred dates of your appointment

  • Once you will receive an email answer for your request you'll be giving price estimation and needed quantity of sessions to make your project.

Send this info to my email:

Main themes of tattoos that I'm creating is about self growth.

My approach its decoding written idea through detailed analysis into your unique tattoo project. Since young years I do feel and see world in a subtle way, learning and understanding human psychology became a key that placed me into artistic creation of tattoos I'm making now.

My main goal is to create your new body piece that activates your energy and elevates your personality to a new level of being as a new step into your personal growth.

Trust the process and you'll get your special tattoo appear on you!

Complete project will be shown you on the day of session and if it need to be managed or modified we’ll have enough time together to do it on the day of appointment.

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