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Bookings for October and November  2022 are open!

      As many of you already know that in the end of December we’re waiting for a kid and I will be staying in Poland more, 

so this time I open my bookings with a very unique offer!

     Because many of my customers living around EU countries I created a great offer:

for everyone who comes to get tattooed by me to Katowice I do discount which covers your trip funds! 

      This unique offer is valid only for limited spots, so don't miss your chance and send your request right now! 

      Your appointment day also became more flexible and can be easily adapted to your travel dates!


️‼️Also, for the whole upcoming 2022, I do not plan regular visits to different studios around EU, so do not delay and wait for me to come to your country as before, I invite you now to go and get tattooed to Katowice with such a nice conditions!

Remember that delaying things and action for later you can miss them in future!

In case you’ll need help to organise your trip as flight and booking apartments feel free to mention it on email, my team will help you with everything!


I will be really glad to host you in my cozy town to make yours great tattoo experience which will definitely be significant!

See you soon!


Kind Regards,


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