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Thanks for your interest in my work!

I'm super glad to be a part of your new tattoo journey and here’s steps how to make our appointment easy to happen:


I’m tattooing in my own unique style - Tattoos of a Spiritual Movement

which is about self-growth through tattooing.

Its your absolutely new tattoo experience which starts from appearing your tattoo idea: 

Write all of thoughts and wishes about your tattoo idea including elements that you'd like to have in your tattoo. Focus more on writing meanings, themes, concepts that are connected to yours idea, your wish elements to have in tattoo will be great to have too. Yours tattoo project will be created through my analysis of all your descriptions and I do always my best to appear unique tattoo composition to each of person.

One of my main way of working concept its creating powerful visual of a tattoo that rise your spirit and giving your body new shape of dynamic forms.

That means I always create unique designs due to your request with giving them interesting shapes in a visual way of looking with keeping in Spiritual Movement recognisable style. 

Please be open with choosing body placement and give possibility to be created for dynamic forms and more open shapes, thank you!

Please make your booking request via e-mail:


In your e-mail request please provide your tattoo idea:

Describe its meaning as you feel, be open as much you feel about and say about yourself whats the wish to be tattooed of this idea and how you think it'll be working for you.

In case you don't have any idea but you like my style and want to get tattoo - write me a message and say you need me to help with appearing your idea and I’ll easily help you.


Send photos of a body placement where you’d like to place your tattoo 

Ask your friends to take a pictures of you from a side in half/meter distance with a daily light brightness.

Each appointment starts from 2 days session:

First day we do meeting in studio and creating your tattoo design project with working all the way to get your design looks perfectly and same day staring tattooing it;

On the second day we do continuation and completing your tattoo.

In case you will be having bigger tattoo then we will go through same process of creating design together but with more days to complete 

/ask about needed quantity of session while your email request/

Price estimation will be given you once you will request details about  your tattoo project. 

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