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Thanks for your interest in my work!

Warmly welcoming you here and glad that you decided to get into new unique vision of tattoos which as resource and energy drives you to activate your inner state.

Its specific and conceptual style which is created through a special approach.


How it works?

For creating your project  please write the idea/concept/thoughts about your tattoo, describe your feeling about all idea.


Lets get into a comfy sitting, take a paper to write on and lets dive into yourself.

Try to feel at what stage you are now, how do you feel yourself and what's you wish point to be in your life/yourself.

Think about things that inspiring you and what giving you wings for being the best in everyday life.

Write it open, give yourself freedom, now you're a Creator of a story which will be carved on your body. 

If you have pictures and visuals that comes to your mind those which reflecting your idea then describe what you see, what those elements are, no matter if you'll be sound abstract. Openly write about all.

Any of reference pictures are welcome to be added and also let me know about placement/wish position for your tattoo.

Even your idea its a few words to say that will be enough for our next discussion about creating your project.

Main themes of tattoos I'm doing its a self growth ideas about human and soul experience that placing us to a new level, spiritual and more
consciousness way of understanding ourselves and Universe life it total.


Your tattoo design I will be creating through experienced analysis which includes decoding written idea/what you say into a shell of a certain shape necessary for your personality.


 Therefore design and elements in tattoo will be created not literally of exact obvious visual elements but as unique representation of concept and idea that expressed in non-obvious forms as metaphorical visual.

Trust the process and you'll get your unique project appear through my vision that you chose from tattoos that I'm creating.

Please send your idea request via e-mail:

Complete project will be shown you on the day of session and if it need to be managed or modified we’ll have enough time together to do it on the day of appointment.

Each project unique and will never be tattooed twice

/except shapes and elements which keep my style recognizing or its compositional look/

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