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About Me

“…once I woke up and start to draw
and felt that its rising me up with a great feeling of myself.
I’ve been inside the moment and understood that this is the real life -
enjoy the moment and to hear your inner feelings.

This feelings became as idea of my art concept.
Life is moment which goes though a Spiritual Movement.
Going through life journey we interact with nature, people, passing experience and as result rising ourselves -
that’s the main themes of my art pieces
which are as dimensions fill up and charge people.
Just let yourself to feel it..”  

I opened tattooing for myself around 6 years ago and that’s been a new way to express my own feelings of the world with working on unique stories of each person who get tattoos by me.
We’re already in a time when we create and project our world of life.
We are creators and each of you inspiring me to make your personality more special and new into yours next life ways cos life is about movement.
Denis Verba  
“Through my own experience and self growth” 
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