Thanks for your interest in my work!

Really glad to be a part of your tattoo journey and here’s steps how to make our appointment easy to happen:


I’m tattooing in my own unique style - Tattoos of a Spiritual Movement which is about self-growth through tattooing.


Each tattoo as a new body part fill up and expand

your personality so you’ll get only personal and custom tattoo design which will be specially created for you!

Please make your booking request via e-mail:


• In e-mail descriptions please provide your tattoo idea:

describe its theme, what it symbolize and write the meaning about this tattoo.

Share all your feelings about it.

if you don’t have any idea but you like my style and want to get tattoo - write me a message without any hesitation and say you need me to help with revelation your idea, I’ll help you with a pleasure!


• Send photos of a body placement where you’d like to put tattoo and add references of pictures/photos you got inspired.

In case you like exact tattoo project which I already tattooed just add it to email and I’ll create yours personal project basing on that concept. Also add photos of my works you mostly like.


Each project unique and will never be tattooed twice

(except shapes and elements which keep my style recognizing or its compositional look)

Complete project will be shown you on the day of session and if it need to be managed or modified we’ll have enough time to do it on the day of appointment.

Price rate will be given you once I’ll get clear about all details for your tattoo project. 


Appointment date:

I’m currently taking bookings for

June-August 2023

with a special offer to all who come to get tattoo to my base studio:


Because many of you located in different countries and I stay in Poland because of family reasons I decided to make special discount offer for all who come to get tattooed by me to Katowice(Poland):

I do discount which covers your trip funds! 


 ~This offer is valid only for limited spots, so don’t miss your chance and send your request right now!~

Also, for the whole 2023 I’m planning to focus more on staying and tattooing in Katowice without regular visits to different studios around EU, so do not delay and wait for me to come to your country as before, I invite you now to come and get tattooed to Katowice with such a nice conditions and a great new experience for your future being!


In case you’ll need help to organise your trip as flight and booking apartments feel free to mention it on email, my team will help you with everything!


Thanks for your trust and looking forward to create such a unique project for you!


Faithfully Yours,