Thanks for your interest in my work!

1. Please make your booking requests via my e-mail:

2. In mail descriptions provide all your thoughts about the idea of tattoo that you want to get and I will create yours unique tattoo project. Also feel free to share attached references.

In case if you want to make tattoo from my available illustrations please add it in attachments. 

3. Add a wish-day of your appointment. 

Each project unique and never be tattooed twice

(except some shapes which keeping style).

If you like some idea which I already tattooed, please attach it and I will create your own personal project with the same idea of feelings.

Final project will be shown you on the day of appointment and

if it needs to be managed we’ll have enough time to do that.

I’m working  in my own style - Tattoos of a Spiritual Movement which is about self growth and rising your personality through tattooing. Basing on this unique idea each 

tattoo came up as a new body piece of person which  rise up and expand your personality.

Trust your feelings and don’t hesitate.